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I think one of the true marks of a good artist is when the viewer is overcome with emotion. This painting brings me happiness and peace. I am finally able to look at Lucy and smile about our time together rather than lamenting over how short that time was. Thank you for that and for this beautiful painting of an extraordinary companion. I love, love, love this.



Words can’t express.  Jenifer said he best when she saw it, “it took her breath away”.  Great job.  It looked exactly like him in his signature pose with one ear flopped over.  It will definitely be hung in a prominent place so we will always remember Banks.  Thanks so much.



Hi Leiann,
We got the picture yesterday.  Though it was Michael’s Christmas present, I decided we needed to go ahead and open it before we go to meet Merril/Apple today.  As I suspected, we both had a cry.  The picture is beautiful.  Michael recognized it as a picture he had taken on a Faithful Paws visit.  You really captured her spirit, as well as her beauty.  Thank you so much.  Hope you have wonderful holidays!

PAWSOME Art! So realistic and so much FUN! I love my portrait of Kona! More importantly, the proceeds go to Operation Pets Alive! Thanks Leiann!



I can't say enough wonderful things about Leiann and the portrait she did of my best buddy Foster. She captured him perfectly and I could not be more happy. It hangs above my fireplace in the living room where everyone can admire it!



Thank you so much for our gorgeous paintings of Corbin and Kilo. They are absolutely beautiful, and we will use you again!!! Leslie



Thank you so much for sharing your talent to capture forever this sweet dog. I know it will give this family great comfort once he is gone and help them in their healing process. I wish you many blessings as you continue to use your talents in the lives of others.

Gloria- Rocky’s Grandmother



Leiann, we cannot wait to get her and Molly up side by side. We are so excited and so thrilled at how they turned out. Thank you so much for two amazing pieces to help us remember such wonderful companions.



Leiann Klein -

Words cannot express how much I love the portrait you painted of my dog, Grace. It is now one of my most prized possessions! It hangs in my living room where it can also be seen from the kitchen, dining room, foyer and breakfast room. I stare at it constantly and love showing it to my guests. Grace can't talk (not yet), but I'm pretty sure she loves it too! Thank you for taking the time to get to know Grace, to help me select just the perfect picture to use and for perfectly capturing her sweet, kind, loving personality in your painting. I hope everyone gets their pets painted by you!



I'm so honored that you painted my Willie. I will treasure this forever!!! Thanks again.




When I look at the eyes in the painting they match Rose Lee's eyes perfectly! That stare that she can give while observing and contemplating her next move.‬

Sandra P.




Thank you again so much for our painting of Mitch. The painting is phenomenal!!! We haven’t figured out where to put it yet, and now we are thinking we have to get one of our other dog Darla.




I was so impressed with our painting of Miso that you painted for the holidays. It was beyond the perfect gift! My husband said it was the best gift he ever received in his whole entire life! And that is saying something… We might have to do this again for the other dogs.


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