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Leiann has always loved animals. She is the proud parent of two Jack 

Russell Terriers, Pixie and Kramer, Austrailian Shepherd Jasmine and her horse Harley. She has always felt compelled to help animals in need. 

After adopting her Australian Shepherd rescue Jasmine from S.T.A.R., she grew passionate about finding something to do to help homeless pets. She couldn’t foster, volunteer time on weekends or commit to time at a shelter. She had to find something to do that fit her lifestyle, time constraints and schedule. She realized what she could offer were her talents and creativity as an artist. This was the beginning of the idea of the art fundraiser she named 30 dogs 30 days...She painted a dog a day for 30 straight days. It was an incredible journey. So many people followed her throughout the day, every day for 30 days. At the end of the project, the paintings were sold and she was able to give $4,500 to help homeless animals! Leiann had found her way to help. Since that project, Leiann has donated her time and talents in a variety of ways, always giving back to animal rescue. She has donated over $10,000 to various rescue organizations since she started 30 dogs 30 days in April of 2014.  


Leiann often paints pets on location where you can witness her pet 

portraits quickly come to life. She loves meeting and greeting both people and their furry friends. She calls them her painting parties. You can see her at Art Festivals, Pet Stores, Dog Events, Cat Cafe’s and Yappy Hours with many more events planned for the future. You can find out where she is on facebook or at


Having a custom pet portrait painted by Leiann is a wonderful and unique experience. You not only get to help homeless animals, but you get to see your paintings progress on social media and interact with fans and followers giving your pet their own platform. You can tell their story and let people know why your pet is such a rock star. Best of all, you will own a lasting memory of your beloved pet that you can cherish forever.







Since her childhood in Brooklyn New York, Leiann has loved to create. Whether it was taking refrigerator boxes and creating them into sceneries for her to play in or drawing characters from her imagination, she knew that art was the thing for her.

Leiann Klein graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BFA majoring in Illustration with a minor in Interior Design and Summa Cum Laude from New York University earning her Masters Degree in Art specializing in Education. Leiann continues her education through studying abroad in places like Venice Italy, Mexico and accredited Art Schools such as Savannah College of Art and Design and The Faux School.

Leiann Klein has explored many avenues of the arts from illustration for publication, gallery exhibitions, 6 years as an Art Educator in New York City, windows display, photo journalism, and private commissions. In 2002 she became the owner and artist for LK Studios.

Her interest in education is the driving force in keeping her current in all types of media, learning new techniques and continually striving to bring forth new ideas and techniques.

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