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About 30 Dogs 30 Days- Artist Leiann Klein

From April 1-April 30, 2014  

Artist Leiann Klein painted a dog a day for 30 days....

These 30 paintings were auctioned off in May 2014 with 50% of the sales benefitting Operation Pets Alive


Artist Leiann Klein wanted to do something to help the homeless animals. She grew passionate about this since adopting her rescue Jasmine. She couldn't foster, volunteer time on weekends or commit to time at a shelter. She had to find something to do that fit her lifestyle and time constraints and schedule. She decided that what she could offer were her talents and creative. This was the beginning of the idea of this Art Fundraiser she named 30 dogs 30 days... Where her goal was to paint a dog a day for an entire month. It had to be something that people could really get involved with and connect with. So Leiann reached out to folks on facebook to send in pictures of their dogs for her to potentially paint. The submissions came pouring in and her facebook fan base grew. By April 1, the launch of the painting party, Leiann had 500 photos taped to her blankwall to choose from. As the month went on, more folks submitted photos and followed her journey each day with progress photos from wake up to completion. 


It was an incredible journey that so many people followed throughout every day for 30 days. All 30 dogs were completed in 30 days, and within the first 2 weeks of May, the works were shown locally here in the Houston area with an online auction. All 30 dogs were purchased and Leiann offered 3 Blank Canvases in addition to the painted ones for people to bid on to have their pups painted by Leiann. This fundraiser gave Leiann Klein the opportunity to give Operation Pets Alive a check for $4,590 with more funds to follow!


Since the 30 Dogs 30 days fundraiser, Leiann has worked with several NO KILL Pet Rescue groups to help them acheive their financialo goals to help them do what they do best.... HELP HOMELESS ANIMALS!





You not only get to help homeless animals, but you get to see your paintings progress on social media and interact with fans and followers giving your pet their own platform. You can tell their story and let people know why your pet is so perfect! We all want to know what makes your pet unique and special and what your pet means to you.







30 Days
and then some...

Why Leiann's Pet Portraits?



Having Leiann Klein paint your pet portrait is a complete experience like no other! The entire process is docemented on facebook and you get get to share your pets story with so many fans and followers. It is a wunique experience that you get to treasure for years to come and it is a  great way to help save homeless pets in the process!

Our Vision



Leiann Klein has a vision to continue to use her talents to help homeless animals and pets in danger of euthanization through the sales of pet portraits. 

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